pasta and pizza made in sicily

Siciliy,Italy-pasta and pizza tour


Few days ago I was thinking about to write articles about Italy, everything that I been through and I tried, good, night lifes, families, school, friends, cities I visited.

So, gonna start with food, first one will be about PASTA AND PIZZA, second one will be Italians homemade food, which is if you just go for vacation might not have chance to try it, was great experience to live with Italian families. Third article about food will introduce you guys dessert and Panini, Sicilian specials and GELATO!!!


First of all, Italians don’t make their own pasta, maybe some do, but usually they buy from supermarkets. Like Asian don’t grow their own rice. This is dick pasta, designed for tourists.


Different pasta with different cheese, parmigiano is my favorite and the most common one. Bought this one in Costco in Taiwan. Taste pretty similar.

Bread is very important for Italians, with pasta sauce, cheese and prosciutto.


Bolognese – usually with spaghetti


Pasta con la salsa(red tomato sauce with pasta) – basic pasta, great for starving lazy person like me, be done in 15 minutes.


Basilico pomodoro pasta (basil and tomato pasta) – taste pretty different with fresh slice tomato


Pasta con melanzana (red sauce eggplant pasta) – One of my favorite pasta, cooked by my ex.

Soak eggplant slices about 15 minutes before fried, or otherwise will taste a bit bitter.

With parmigiano cheese is just amazing.


Polpo pasta con la salsa(octopus tomato pasta)-one of the best pasta I have ever tried in sicily, I love all kind of seafood red sauce pasta, very different from what we have in Taiwan, if you ever go to sicily, this is a MUST TRY!!

(from brocoli, sicily)


seafood red sauce spaghetti – delicious as always, when you go eat in restaurants, usually will order water and wine(red/ white), and expresso at the end.


Shrimp zucchini pasta – zucchini is one of my favorite vegetable, the first time I tried was in Italy. Sicily is an island, nut don’t know why shrimps are three times more expensive than Taiwan .


Stew pork pasta(not exactly sure whats called) – only tried once in Florence


Pasta con tonno e pomodoro(tuna tomato pasta) – my favorite pasta, the first kind of pasta I can cook, put in the fridge can be salad.


Pesto pasta – I loved pesto pasta before I went to Italy, which is TAIWANESE FAKED PASTA, but real pesto is never my favorite, I could eat maybe once or twice a week, but not more than that.


Pesto pasta – my first host mom she makes homemade pesto, lots of Italian mummy make homemade salsa and pesto.

Seafood with pesto spaghetti – second time back to Italy, first host mom took me to San Giovanni Li Cuti (Catania)for dinner, she really is my favorite person in Italy.


Ravioli – bought from supermarket cooked by myself, easy to cook, same way as pasta, found some places sell in Taiwan but way to expensive.

I am gonna introduce PIZZA to you guys next!!

Usually have pizza two or three times a week, I love pizza but not as much as pasta. When I first got there couldn’t finish half of pizza( sometimes only a quarter) but after few moths, I could had whole pizza, pretty proud of myself.

IMG_6361 copy.jpg

Americana – this is my favorite pizza,salsa based with fried eggplants, cheese and French fries,when I tell Italians tjis is my favorite they always judge me, because its not really Italian, but I guess I just love french fries so much.


Parmigiana – second favorite, eggs, eggplants, cheese and prosciutto, still have eggplants lol, if you go to pizzeria can always ask them to make special pizza for you, this one was in Siracusa ,Sicily.


Same pizza as last one but without prosciutto, eggplants were not fried, i prefer fried, had it when I was visiting in Rome.


Not matter where not matter what, coke cola is always necessary.

With my favorite pizza – Americana with hotdogs and cheese.

IMG_6263 copy.jpg

Third time when back to Italy, left top was mine…i never eat margarita, when you can put whatever you like on pizza why choose nothing? Well, but lots of Italians love margarita.

All these pictures remind me memories of Italy, lots of people don’t understand why I love Italy so much, they tell me world is big, lots of places to see, I will tell you why, because of MEMORIES, I believe no matter how many countries I go, how many places I visit, Italy will still be my favorite, it changes me so much, and I will always appreciated.


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