Sicilian mamma homemade cuisine-One year in Italy

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Finally decided to write an article about sicilian homemade cuisine.

Every single picture reminds me different memories of Sicily.

Lots of people visited Italy, but not many people tried Italian mamma’s homemade food.

Let me share some great pictures and experiences in the past three years with you.

My first host mom is half Italian half Danish. Often cook Danish cuisine.

Second host mom doesn’t cook,  well, barely, i think i cooked for them more than she cooked for the family.

Third mom, she’s good at cooking , and she enjoy cooking. I love when she cooked and played candy crash in the same time.


First host family only me and host mom Antonella at that time, was a bit lonely before i met new friends, but we spent so much time together which was great experience.

After school she would picked me up drove me back home, we had lunch in the garden,  the picture above was our daily life, talked about school, about taiwan and everything that we wanna share.


My very first dinner in Catania(Sicily), i remembered after a long day sleep cause of jet lag , woke up and saw new friends in living room, they were my first friends, daughter of host mom’s best friend and her friends.

We had basic but cosy dinner with some wine and salad, god i miss salad so much.


Rice, pea, potato, sweet pepper, broccoli, fried chicken.

I told Antonella( first host mom) taiwanese style is rice with several sides and meat.

One day after school back home and found out she cooked me taiwanese style food

( kinda), i was so touched to eat rice after a while lol.


Fried chicken with salad.

salad with Italian olive oil and salt is just amazing.


Everyone should know this famous Italian dishes.


Went to fish market bought some shrimps and squids, the way they cooked seafood is so different than Asian. Can’t tell which is better but i love both.


Smoke salmon with gnocchi and tuna pea salad.


Potato salad with basil.


First and only time tried rabbit, wasn’t taste the same as what i thought …..


Sometimes on the weekend had friends of Antonella came visit, will have lunch in the garden with glass of wine.


Before christmas dinner.


Cousin of Antonella-Emilia, came visit few times, we made french fries with potato and cheese fried chicken.


Homemade meat ball !!! was so delicious, yummy.


Tomato omelette with salad, in vegetarian restaurant in center of Catania.


Super delicious shellfish pasta at fish market.


Stew potato and beff onion with cheese.



Baked risotto with boiled eggs and eggplants, one of my favorite dishes.


Homemade beef lasagna with fresh bread.


A soft boiled egg with prosciutto, potato and avocado.


Best friend of Antonella’s cuisine, seafood risotto, best risotto i have ever tried in my life so far.


Antonella’s best friend’s house at Brocoli, sicily.


Second host family, sometimes host dad cooked and host mom cooked on the weekend if her friends come. She loves big Saturday lunch.


Her friends will bring some special food or desserts, usually desserts, those are all Sicilian specials.


Host dad’s dinner cuisine, he’s an 70 ish years old man, most of time he stayed in living room watch tv or  with his daughter which was 7 years old.

If he was too lazy then i had to pick her up after her dance class.


Basic salad for four people.


Third host family’s dog- Roger, he loves to play and share food with us.


Pesto pasta, i love my third host family because they are so kind and always buy me what ever i wanna eat, second host family never did, host dad and host sister even stole my own nutella and food lol.


Dinner preparing!!! pasta with tomato sauce and special pork skewers.


This cheese ham box is my favorite! Host mom always fill up with different cheese and ham,  after club i will had some with fresh bread and coca cola.


Colorful pasta with parmigiano cheese, Carlotta(third host mom) always buy two kind of water, natural and sparkling, because i don’t like sparkling water.


Olive tomato pasta and eggplant salad.

They have a beach house near Augusta, spent summer time there most of the time, but me, i would say half and half, because i love summer clubs on the beach and i enjoyed party so much, so i stayed in city house a lot.


Typical Sicilian food, parmigiana, different of olives and eggplants.

Eggplants is my favorite vegetable in Italian cuisine.


Seafood salad!! Looks so tasty isn’t it?


Lunch at beach house with host parents and grandparents.


Seafood onion salad.


Favorite restaurant of my third host family, the owner speaks only Sicilian, when ever he tried to talk to me i barely understand me but he still trying, very funny guy.

Host dad said this is Sicilian sushi .


My 70 ish years old second host dad, the only time went to restaurant with them, and of course host mom wasn’t there.



Casa mare, beach house of third family, very beautiful , got a pool and right next to seaside.

More pictures chick link below


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