【Palawan,El Nido-Philippines】backpacker


My favorite fried banana and mango juice!

After 6 hours of waiting in Manila airport finally on our way to Palawan, worse flights i ever took…no sleeping tired af.

Basically was a great trip except scooter crash second day and travel companion complained all the time.

Manila-Puerto Princesa(Palawan)-bus drive to El Nido(5 hours)


Pedicabs are like taxi in Palawan

First meal in Palawan

Beer so cheap in Philippines.

Dinner-fried chicken

Dinner-roasted chicken

Breakfast-better than i expect, tomato omelette, hot dogs, toast, mangos and cappuccino.

Woke up too late to be able to finish breakfast before bus arrived, where ever you go in south Asia, bus always stop by and pick up some locals, this time had about 8 locals, they get in bus for a short trip then get off in the middle of nowhere.

“Bus Station” for pick up some locals.

Small shops sell snacks.

After two hours drive, stopped by rest station for lunch, only for foreigners, price are a lot higher than local price, locals stay in bus cause i think price was too much for them to afford.


Grocery store in El Nido.

I don’t understand how can they hang clothes on the street which has dirt everywhere, do clothes even get clean?

Angle bar- pretty popular, owner isn’t phillippino.

We didn’t book hotel till we got there, asked 5 places was all booked, found a place on Agoda which was not far from seaside.

Excited overtime see seaside and beaches.

Phillippino cooking barbecue.

There are a few beaches at El Nido, this one was 15-20 mins walk from center.

Sunset view, no filter.

First dinner in El Nido- mountain view restaurant


Asian style stew chicken

Roast pork


Local market


Dry fish….lots of flies flying on top, i don’t think my stomach can handle it lol. That’s why people get sick in south Asia. You never know what are you eating!!!

Next day in the morning , owner and her staff preparing breakfast for all customers.

Feels like real bed and breakfast.



Breakfast preparing

Staff cooking fish and chicken. (i didn’t try fish)

Breakfast-chicken, egg, pineapple, toast, tomato and onion.

Homemade mando sause, was delicious!


Rent a scooter for a short road trip to another beach.

Amazing weather on January.

Rice field

Hen with chicks are adorable.

Houses in country side, whole family live in a small place, i don’t think they have seperate rooms or even AC. 

Chill vibe.

After half hour driving we reached this beach!

Even dog is very enjoy.

Sea can really bring me peaceful.

What are these…? jellyfish!!!!

jumped out of water right away when i saw one jellyfish, then after one saw another one….then astounding there were maybe hundreds of jelly fishes…

But they were all dead, floated in the sea, some were on the beach as well… a Chinese  girl was playing with jellyfish.

So i sort of join her, more people came and asked me did they sting?

But no they don’t .

From beach walked to small island.

One bar at the small island.

We had a crash on our way back, they don’t have asphalt road only dirt, my travel companion hurt pretty bad, he couldn’t go in water for rest of the days.

There is only one place that they called emergency place you can go if happend anything bad like crash or whatever, next to elemantary school, a “doctor” will sort of tell you want to do/buy or where to get medicine .

So basically rest of days we were just woke up early- get breakfast- sit at one of a bar at seaside-lunch- nap-seaside or short walk and listening travel companion complained- dinner-bar with beers

My favorite fried bananas.

Sweet sour and cheap.


Small meat shop, as a vegetable lover, i don’t think Philippines will be a good place for me to stay long.


Mango smoothie, after few hours staring at ocean will get really bored…. i couldn’t believe how could i spend days doing that.

Short walk to village.

Sometimes do sun bath.


Beer is definity necessary.

Dinner on the beach, i think El Nido its amazing place to travel for couple. ( which i didn’t )

Drunky woman grabbed me dance with them.

Love my hair color back then.

Even though we were not full recover, but still decided to go on a boat tour, tour A B C D ,we chose C.

I was too excited to finally do something, couldn’t stop talking with everyone … after half hour i got sea sick, almost throw up.

Go to sea.

Lunch time!!! Best meal i ever had in Palawan.

Fresh seafood with fruit and rice on a small beach where no one lives on it.

Ocean is so clear, can see everything.

Poor guy can only stay on boat.

My chubby belly made from days of drinking beers and no exercise with amazing view from El Nido.


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