Singapore – birthday weekend at Sentosa

For my 22 birthday, I decided to go to Singapore for celebration.

It was my third time to sgp.

First time I was 3 years old, second time was about two years ago with my college roommate.

We visited all the touristy place so this time basically only party and party lol



Waiting in the airport, dilated almost one hour, scoot always dilate….not surprise

Flew 4 hours and half with a tiny seat was not comfortable but glad I am quite short aha


Trying to get a sim card at airport but cost 35 dollars, I read on line said only 12-15 for five days or a week so I didn’t take one.



Got on taxi to One Shenton Way (right in city centre) cost 36 dollars, pretty expensive compare to uber(around 18 dollars)


Arrived at my friends’ place around 6ish but had some trouble with calling them, security guy couldn’t let me in but glad I found a wifi somewhere, finally they came get me.



Nice place with great view and comfy couch , took some nice pic with sunrise.



Jessie(my Taiwanese friend also went there visit but she stayed longer) and I went out to get some food, it was like 7 am



Telok Ayer Market

It’s a food court , few places open 24 hours, cheap food and tasty

First meal- Hainanese chicken rice, is my favourite dish in sgp


Went back to sleep a few hours, woke up saw the helper was there, she’s very friendly, after she done work, took us to Orchard shopping area ad helped me buy a sim card


Helper /me /Jessie



My 15 dollars sim card



She showed us a bit around and this was my lunch-curry chicken, bitter melon and veges



She left after lunch, Jessie and I spend the rest of day shopping…. Like 6 hours till 7pm

Bought some clothes, shoes and gym outfit



These bunny were just adorable


Pic back to raffles place around 7ish, nearly sunset


Went to same place as this morning, got strawberry ice-cream and chicken, spring roll take away

Take away will charge 30 cent more



Night time of Telok Ayer Market, more street stands with all kind of food.



We were both exhausting from shopping, I tried chicken noodle….still prefer white chicken with rice



Guys were still out with friends, Jessie and I decided to try out the pool, brought some fresh beers and speaker to play Latin music


IMG_2524.jpgMe at the pool definitely need a swim suit pic


View from pool


Telok Ayer Market


After a while guys came back and join us for a bit, then we went up for a few drinks.

There was a club called Kilo, wasn’t my type, house music made me feel like party in London tho .

But we were with two British so they enjoyed very much.

Went to McDonalds afterwards for some burgers and chicken nuggets, was quite a fun night.

Jessie got super drunk (as always) that she couldn’t remember we went to McDonalds, in the morning she asked me “did we had friends come by last night? Why there is a coca cola from McDonalds ?”

Saturday plan is beach and wake board

Woke up around 9, everyone else was still sleeping, so I went out alone to get some chicken and do some touristy stuff


Morning pool


Moring market…I was the only customer, guess people party too hard on Friday night


Hanging chicken!


Favourite place for chicken, decent price


Here it is !!!


Walked around and toward Marina bay


I prefer to live in the city not country side(coz I been living around mountains for more than 20 years back home)


Selfie here we go ( I don’t like to take selfie but sometime is needed)


Famous Merlion


After two hours walk went back to one shenton way ,

Jessie and Tim were up, I encourage them to do something active –gym


Tim showed me Jacuzzi by the gym, I think its too hot to have Jacuzzi in Singapore


After gym, preparing for picnic and beach

Tim and Jessie made pork roll(I am not sure how can you call it)


Yummm yummm


One more friend from upstairs join us to wake board, feels like a British party tho

In uber!!


We are five, I am the one who takes picture


Here we are, very different from what I thought


Bar, I had one beer Jessie had 4 so turned up tipsy again


You can rent board here


Corona –perfect for Saturday sunny day


Many people do biking here


After guys done wake board, we walked to a tiny beach for picnic and chill

Amazing espandi air lounger ( its my brand and please allow me to do some advertising here ahah )


Jessie and Tim with their pork roll


After a short nap on the beach, me and Elliot head back to pool with fresh beer again, another two went buy dinner

After dinner had a few drinks, we got invited to house party up stairs, Jessie got pretty drunk then passed out around one.

I started to drink around one the time I knew I was tipsy was when I started to play beer pong with random.

I don’t like beer but I played three games in a roll….even had whiskey shots

Then we all decided to go clubs which called bang bang with some new friends (not Jessie, she passed out already)

Randomly I found out my self was dancing alone on a vip tale with strangers and all my friends were gone but I didn’t care, kept drinking shots and whatever they gave me

It was a fun night for sure

Glad I found my friends , Tim went home already so only me and Elliot

We tried to go to the 24 hour chicken place but I got no money he only got 2 dollars…


In the morning when I woke up and saw Jessie and Tm made me these unbelievable cute balloons




Tim and Elliot made us British breakfast, I been to London but this is the very first time to try British breakfast


Was not bad but those beans…was too much, I still prefer Nutella and bread

Sentosa for Sunday


Elliot took another pic for me with #megan22 balloons


And also his funny party sunglasses I was wearing


I guess Jessie was still hangover


They gave me birthday surprised!!!! Love them so much

Tim organized everything , so grateful I have him as a friend


See that cake ! 22 balloons and shiny necklace!!! I am a happy 22 grown up lol


When we were five in uber but still got a huge size of birthday balloons to fit in


Thanks for amazing birthday guys<3


I love this birthday trip and all the wishes everyone gives me


you should definitely try Hainan chicken if you go to Singapore…<3



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