Orebro, Sweden-chill summer in paradise

I got invited to Orebro, Sweden-which wasn’t on my travel list but really gorgeous town

After a week in London, flew to Stockholm, Sweden for another week( planned to stay there for a bit more than a week but my friend misunderstood me, so stayed only 6 days and I got two flight tickets to berlin…one I bought and one he bought for me)

Arrived in Stockholm around early afternoon, had to take a train to Stockholm train station which I got lost for a while trying to find right terminal, one way ticket was about 50€, pretty expensive.

Finally got to Stockholm train station and I got lost again…this time tried to figure out which train I could take and info centre was full, waited about half hour and my friend wasn’t helpful, I literally spend almost two hours walking around the station and terminals. I was so pissed about myself and complaining why my friend-Leo didn’t come to pick me up.

Well, fortunately, after asking so many people and finally bought the right ticket…found out I had to wait another 5 hours… I almost cried I was so tired and still have 5 hours to wait.



So I decided to eat something, found a coffee shop in train station, this salad cost 20€…


20 minutes before my “train” arrived, I unhurried left coffee shop try to find the right terminal, but I couldn’t!!!

Before 5 mins, I found out I was supposed to take bus first then train, god, glad I got on that bus, don’t wanna wait another hours

Arrived in Orebro almost 1 am, Leo didn’t show up, I was like so tired and still pissed about everything.

Seriously, this few days he made me pissed every single day, it’s not that he did something bad, just he always let me wait more than one hour or two for some stupid reason, I hate waiting.



Ok, basically life here just cook-chill-cook and sometimes go around the town( can’t even use the word “visit” because it took me one hour or less to visit the whole town with a bike)

Since this day I fell in love with Swedish meat balls



Because Leo has to work, so I go around by myself, cooked and ate by myself

On the way to centre (about 10 mins walk)



Love the architecture here, so simple but artistic



If I am an old grandma I would love here, summer only lol, winter I might die here



The landmark of Orebro- Orebro castle, Leo said this town is the fifth bid city in Sweden, and has the most population of biker, everyone has bike( coz you can ride bike to everywhere in town and its good for environment)



I was pretty bored that started to play Pokémon( not much to catch compare to berlin LAMO)



Even just sitting here felt like the world is so peaceful



Waited Leo got off, we went to super market



I LOVE SUPERMARKET!!! I get so excited to see all the western food



Sauce for toast and bread…?? We bought two for me to tried out



Frozen fruit!! Maybe Sweden it’s just too cold everything is frozen ahahah



Went to his grandparents’ house because he said he needed to water the plants ….. he asked me to wait 5 minute outside to clean up a bit….. and I waited over one hour, I literally thought he forgot I was outside and went home alone, I tried to find the way home but I got no wifi and internet, it was august but you know, Sweden’s summer night time does get cold…like 15c, he made me super pissed again



I stayed with this wild rabbit at Bike Park



Morning breakfast-Nutella toast for me, strawberry yogurt for Leo


IMG_5676.jpgMeatballs tomato zucchini pasta( hope Italian wont hate me)I cooked every day for lunch, spent hours on laptop thinking about life, took nap for hours as well.



Also go out sometimes but not much to see or to do



Orebro castle



Wild huge popcorn pop on the street!



River side house are so nice…we saw a guy swimming in the river, how could he not be freezing? Leo said it’s the first time he ever seen anyone swim in the river



This is Leo, that’s call him slowly Leo because he has no concept of time.



Tuesday he had to coach football team, about 15 mins bike ride.



On our way.

He didn’t want to take me coz he said I will get bored there but honestly I felt bored in this town already and most of time I stayed home so I rather go sit on the ground eating ice cream watching them practice.



So chill



Me trying to get tan but weather not warm at all although looked warm.



Cooked dinner for two, he got me pissed again coz he wanted to buy something in the supermarket which was 5 mins away, took him one and half hour, dinner was cold already…



Sweden really is a great place for nice photos



I am not sure if I will visit again but I can image how life will be if I live here



I missed rice…



Its 9 pm still like day time



Basic lunch (wish I had hot pot)



Chilling in park


Saturday Leo took me “visit ”a bit Orebro, went to shops, Orebro water tower and some cute houses around there



View from water tower and cute small houses



Slowly Leo and me



Cloudy day made summer even colder



Cute house actually quite big



Looks like a heart broken man in movie( actually was just waiting me to finish doing touristy stuff- photos)



Ancient town, but only few houses, it’s august but like fall in Taiwan



Swedish with Swedish brand






Orebro water tower, quite big, have to take elevator to the top, there are café and restaurant.



Leo said the best kebab in town! Own by Turkish.



Thanks Leo, even though I get pissed everyday but you were a good host.



Ciao Sweden !



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