Best night life recommendation in Taipei, Taiwan (clubs/ bars)

Night life in Taipei, Taiwan



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I moved to Taipei almost 4 years ago from Taichung, which is in the middle of Taiwan. When I came here, I started working in PR for different clubs and events around the city. I always had people ask me “what is the best club to go to?” or “where is the best party in town?”. That is the main reason I am writing this article. I also found that tourists will typically google this information before they come to Taiwan, but the recommendations they find online aren’t very good. The clubs have been shut down or don’t exist anymore. I wanted to give an up to date list of the best places to hit in Taipei.

We have a few different kinds of clubs here in Taipei: EDM, hip-hop, Latin, techno, trance, etc and they usually open around 10:30PM and close at about 4:00AM/5:00AM. Also, foreigners should note that in Taiwan (and in many parts of Asia) you are allowed to smoke inside of clubs and bars.


    1. OMNI CLUB – Well-designed, and my favourite club.



    Omni has 2 floors and lots of tables (smaller tables for 3-4 people and large tables for up to 15 people).  The cover charge depends on the night but usually its between 700-1000 NTD and that includes 2 free drinks. If you get a table there is no entrance fee and bottles are included.

    Wednesday night is Ladies Night and girls are free. This is the Wednesday event group page:

    Open: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (occasionally they are open on other days for special events but this is not very common).

  1. 37632186_611345765932428_3770020841006301184_n.jpg
  2.   2. AI night club – one of the best club to go in Taipei (old electro).    
  3. facebook page: 
  4. Perfect for table booking, dance floor not as big as omni, but this place is always crowded.
  5. open on Wednesday to Sunday , Thursday and Sunday are student night, all you can drink, Wednesday is ladies night, girls are free, Friday and Saturday are regular night, charge for entrance, about 800-1000ntd with two drinks.
  6. a0b2d661-0d7e-4b6a-9694-791dd1811e53.jpg

3.CHESS TAIPEI – hip hop music club

  1. FB: Chess has location 3 times not but they are current located where Room 18 used to be (Room 18 is no more). Chess only plays hip-hop music.This club is a little smaller but there are still lots of people there every week. I personally am not a hip-hop person so I don’t go there too often. There is usually free entrance if you know the PR, and to be honest I am not sure how much it costs because usually everyone gets in for free. If I had to guess I would say between 800 and 1000 NTD.
    Wednesday is Ladies Night so girls are free.Open: Tuesday to Saturday, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays they close at 2:00AM.

l.jpg4.FRANK Taipei – high class top floor bar with amazing view of Taipei 101 (located on the 10F of ATT 4FUN)

FB: :

 One of the best bars in Taipei. On the weekend it turns into a club and they have bottle service. If you want a chill night with music on a week day Frank is a good choice.

No entrance fee, usually a drink cover

Open: every day 9:00PM – 3:00AM


5.Pong Taipei – Opened Summer 2017, it is a high grade beer pong club with a combo of gaming and music (located 10F of ATT 4 FUN)


Originally from Hong Kong, this club has electronic beer pong tables that connect to your phone via their phone app. One round is 1100 NTD but you only pay if you lose. It is tough to get in on a Saturday as the lineup can be crazy.

Open: everyday 9:00PM – 3:00AM (Saturdays they are open until 4:00AM)


6.KOR Taipei – fancy well designed bar


Fantastic cocktails, huge whiskey selection, and some of the best bartenders in town. The décor is also beautiful. This is my favourite place for drinks during the day if you’re with friends or business partners.

Friday and Saturday it turns into more of a club with tables, and a DJ, but there is no dance floor so people usually get tables.

No entrance Fee.

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00PM – 2:00AM (Friday and Saturday they are open until 4:30AM)


6.Klash Taipei


Open Wednesday to Sunday

Every Wednesday – Free Entry For Ladies&Gents All Night Long (Drink Ticket/s NOT Included)

Every Thursday – Gents: BEFORE 23:00 NT$350 / AFTER 23:00 NT$550 Ladies: Free Entry All Night Long (Drink Ticket/s Included)

Every Friday – Free Entry For Ladies & Gents BEFORE 23:00 (Drink Ticket/s NOT Included) AFTER 23:00 – Gents NT$700 / Ladies NT$400

Every Saturday – Free Entry For Ladies & Gents BEFORE 23:00 (Drink Ticket/s NOT Included) AFTER 23:00 – Gents NT$700 / Ladies NT$400

Every Sunday – Free Entry For Ladies & Gents BEFORE 01:00 (Drink Ticket/s NOT Included) AFTER 01:00 – Gents NT$550 / Ladies NT$250

7.M Taipei


It is usually full of Latin exchange students and it is an all you can drink club.

Entrance fee is 650 NTD and then it is all you can drink.

Open: Friday 11:00PM – 5:00AM and Saturday 11:00PM – 4:00AM




The owner is French and it is a pretty chill place but a bit out of the city. It is located in Taipei expo park. There are usually lots of foreigners, and there is no table service.

Wednesday night is Students Night so there is free entrance. Friday and Saturday it is usually packed.

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00PM – 4:00AM (Tuesday and Thursday they close at 2:00AM)


9.WAVE CLUB Taipei – all you can drink club and the only fun choice on a Tuesday.


 Another all you can drink club that’s popular amongst young students. People say it is the best open bar club but there is usually a huge line up.

Students Night is Thursday. Girls get in free with student ID before midnight and guys get in for 400 NTD with student ID before midnight. After midnight girls are 400 NTD and guys are600 NTD (though this can vary depending on the night/event).

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00PM – 4:00AM


10.1001 Nights Taipei – another one of my favourite bars/club


The Facebook page usually doesn’t post events but it does have some funny videos.

1001 Nights is a shisha club.  It is usually crowded on Friday and Saturday and they usually play Latin reggaetron music from 11:00PM-3:00AM and hip-hop after 3:00AM. On Sundays they also usually play hip-hop.

Wednesday night is Ladies Night and there is a male strip show. Entrance with student ID before midnight is free, and after midnight it is 300NTD for girls and 500NTD for guys, which includes drink tickets.

Open: everyday, Friday and Saturday they are open until 6:00AM (lots of people come here for an after party, its fun!)


12.Barcode Taipei – Taipei’s premier relaxed lounge with a wide range of music from classic house, to acid jazz, to funk.


 They have a pool table and on weekends they have a DJ.  Their cocktails are very tasty and there is a relaxing lounge as well (though there is a minimum charge if you want the lounge).

No entrance fee.

Open: Everyday from 9:00PM – 2:30AM (Friday and Saturday open until 3:00AM)


13.ICON TAIPEI –  located at NEO19



14. Mango Pool Party



i am helping with Mango pool party, contact me if you need table!

There are still many places I didn’t mention: , Pipe (underground place), Revolver (street bar that foreigners love), Brass Monkey (pub that sometimes hosts events), Roxy Rocker (20+ year old bar with rock music and old school music).

My favourite places are OMNI, ELEKTRO and KOR, but just my preference.

There are also a number of pool parties in Taipei:Mango Pool Party (300 ntd), W Hotel pool party (1000 NTD with 2 free drinks), Grand Hyatt pool party (girls free before 2:00PM).

If you are visiting Taipei or need any recommendations feel free to contact me here on in instagram @megantaiwan . or email-  I will help you out as much as I can, cheers!



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