Most important lesson in life that you need to know

Once a humble successful guy told me, lots of people struggle at their 30s, 40s or even 50s, because they can’t take control of their emotions because no one teach them how, he said, before you try to accomplish a dream, try to make your own business, try to live a life style you want, first learn about how your brand works, The Power Of Now was the book he gave me, i started to understand i can actually manage my emotions and make the moment better, make my day better, more and more positive thoughts and grateful about what happen to me,  there are three important ideas i wanna share with you:

  1. Live life without fear, there is nothing to be afraid about, every single problem has solutions for it.

Daily confrontation with fear

I was 18, lived with my parents for 18 years, never stay somewhere else more than a month, after high school they decided to send me on exchange for one year even though I didn’t want to, after almost one year prepare, all the expectation of “I am gonna stay one year in my dream country Italy”, “I will be eating pizza and pasta every day I can’t wait”, two month before, they announced my district was Sicily,  all the sudden I felt like dream  was gone but fear came right away, the worse place they could send me to was definitely Sicily, at that point, I remembered, I sat in toilet, disappointed, try to make sure if that wasn’t a joke, I worked hard to earn the only 1 delegate in my district but now they send me to the place famous of mafia and danger? I had no idea about Sicily beside mafia, danger and robber. thought of i might die there or wont be able to go out by myself upset me.

But the fact is, that was the most amazing year I had in my life so far, the fear was making decision for me and took over my emotions, the two months I was living in fear because of my imaginations but not reality.

Why would you scared the moment before things you are afraid of that happens, why do you need that fear for? Why would you spend hours or days to stuck in fear? Imagination damage more than

Reality, every single moment before was no reason to be in fear, it only just ruin your day

  1. stop complaining, I have been stuck in horrible relationships, I have dated psychos, bipolar and guys who cheated regularly, I have spent most of my money try to do online business but doesn’t work out, but the world is so much more to offer, once a successful guy taught me to understand mindset before doing anything, understand how our emotions and be able to take control of it.

There are way more opportunities out there, way more solutions for solve our problems, instead of complaining, why don’t we count down to 5 and let action replace hesitating and being pathetic about our situation? I may die tomorrow I will never know, take action! Make every moment valuable and the most important thing-make yourself happy because we are still alive and I want to live in happiness not in sadness, believe me, when you start cheer yourself up and see the world differently, the world will start treat you differently in a good way

  1. You really wanna doing what you love doing, it doesn’t have to be your first job but don’t give up until you find it. Give up is never an option but find a way out is, it takes long time to understand.



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