Backpack in Sri Lanka, Ella-A Bay-Colombo

Ella-A Bay-Colombo

Woke up at 4:30 twice isn’t a bad decision for some great sunrise even if only had 3 hours sleep


Ella sunrise experience is unforgettable, first of all, not enough sleep, too cold for end of July,  besieged by more than 20 unfriendly dogs when we were trying to get a tuktuk at 4;30 in the morning, more than 40 mins hike with the only pair of shoes I brought- slippers.


After a long hike(because of my slippers and 3 hours make me felt long and tired) through tea farms with 5 dogs followed us all the way up, this is the view.


Felt all worth it


Probably the friendliest dog


This one just enjoyed sunrise and sunshine


Walked through tea farm


Found an guesthouse with cactus


Had Sri Lanka coffee here


Another longer hike to see train rail(I was literally dying)


Thought it was abandon train rail but still have train comes every hour or so


Here comes the train, waited this moment for an hour


Have coconut with this view!


Not sure what try trying to do but I remembered all I wanted is take tuktuk back and have a nice breakfast


And finally, my first local breakfast and I loved it, rice noodles with curry and coconut powder

After breakfast and shower, we took a van all the way from Ella to A Bay, around 5 hours trip, I couldn’t take another train ride, felt like half of my trip spent on train lol

IMG_3670 .jpg

Here we are! A Bay!!! Such a paradise


Met up with more people went for a swim and sunset

IMG_8171 copy.jpg

Hello Ocean


Here is my air sofa


Food stand sells delicious cheap food


Some of people stayed in tree house, cost 13 bucks for a night, very cheap with great sea view


Renting surfboard! For my first time


The whole town blacked out for a while when we were renting surfboards and tried to find restaurant, this dinner place is amazing, seafood is a must try in Sri Lanka


Sunrise surf, took tuktuk for 30 mins ride in a cold morning with swimsuit…

But this view worth it


Well, this is just a photo, I failed on my first surf, no one teach me and two boys went for big wave so I had to follow them, I almost hit the rock lol, glad there was a aussie guy saw me and save me from waves…..


After terrible first time experience, we did 3 hours safari with tuktuk


I didn’t believe crocodiles just lives in river and tuktuk drivers told us not sure if crocodiles will just come up attack us, it happened before(they don’t have hospital in town….) one tuktuk driver threw rocks to crocodiles I thought he was insane

I was the one stood far away from river because I am timid, I decided to walk back to tuktuk stay safe, a driver came and chat with me, just half way to tuktuk we heard something about 15cm in front of us….. it was cobra…I freaked the fuck out seriously


Looks peaceful nut full of danger


Evil monkeys live in grassland


Elephants come out night time sleep on this flat area, lots of huge dry poops and frogs jumping around


My tuktuk crew


finally saw one elephant on your way back, apparently locals are afraid of elephants, they kill people very often, elephants come out at night to rice field eat rice, farmers hate them so much as they destroy their hard work and sleep on it


local family house look like

tultul driver told us many locals live in forest because its cheap, I asked: are there crocodiles and monkeys in forest? He said: yes a lot, locals live around river side, crocodiles live in river and sometimes they come out, many people die from crocodiles and elephants, you can see many people without a hand or leg because of crocodiles

I was shocked about the fact that they don’t even have hospital


Guesthouse we stayed for two nights, owners are friendly, they invited me to drink with them


Tuktuk driver with my floaty


Only hotel in town, great design, a nice pool right next to beach

We got a free ride from a Colombo local which used to study in England from A Bay back to Colombo,

Another 6 hours trip we slept all the way back, amazing that he brought his driver to A Bay

He also brought us to his dad Indian food restaurant, he said he brings friends there because they can walk in, order, eat and leave, honestly, this place changed my opinion of Indian cuisine, best Indian food I have ever had, was sooooo good, I never like Indian food but this change my world, after dinner he took us back to his place which looks like a palace, showered and rest before our flight. Very kind and humble guy.


Because of some mistake so I had a business class seat for my first time, I went to business class line to check in so they just gave me business class….how easy is that lol?


Cheese cake and bread are the only thing I could eat


And here we go, after my first time business class here comes my first time missed my flight, so I had to but another flight and waited for another 6 hours or so, glad I brought my laptop which everyone said was dumb decision but now became the smartest decision,

Hope one day soon I can go back to Sri Lanka for amazing food and chat more with friendly tuktuk drivers.


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