Boracay -Manila, Philippines 長灘島與馬尼拉

This was a short, 5 day trip to Manilla and Boracay. I spent the first day in Manila, then travelled to Boracay for 2 days, and then spent the final 2 days back in Manila. One of the great things about living in Asia is that in a few short hours, you can travel to another island or country for very cheap.

The Manila airport doesn’t have wifi. It will take about 30-60 minutes to Makati depending on traffic. During the busy hours, traffic is terrible.


My first night in Manila was…. Interesting. My friends and I stayed in Makati, a good area in Manila coz less shitty. To be honest Manila itself is not a special place to visit. There is not much to see and it is quite dirty but the government is trying to change that


We got to the hotel and were greeted by a security guard out front. We got a drink (usually the hotel will give you a free drink ticket once you check in), and then we tried to find another bar around as the hotel bar closed at 12:00AM. The hotel staff told us about another bar right next to the hotel (essentially in the same building) that we should check out.

We went to recommended bar and were greeted by a few young Philippian women with heavy make-up.  They guided us downstairs where we saw about 15 young Philippian girls sitting around a few foreign guys. I guess they thought we were on a business trip and needed some fun? One of the oldest girls asked if we needed any lady friends. We didn’t know it was that kind of bar… not quite what we were looking for hahah. We did order a drink there, but without and lady friends.


Breakfast is the best part of manila


They have all kinds of food: Western, Philippian, Chinese, etc.

To reach Boracay, we needed to take a short flight from Manila to the Boracay airport. Well, there isn’t actually an “airport” in Boracay. The plane lands in a field, everyone gets on a bus, and then it is about a 10-15 minute bus ride to a building they call the “airport”. This bus ride was a great chance to see the real Boracay though: small houses, tuk tuk, local shops, and shoeless pedestrians going about their day. We got to the airport building, walked outside (you only have to do a security check if you brought luggage), and picked one of the many transport companies waiting outside. There will be staff waiting there; all you have to do is select one. Ours cost about 15 dollars and it included a ride to the port, a boat ticket, a car ride to the hotel/resort and any taxes there may have been.  I am not sure if you might be able to find a cheaper one, but you can also take a tuktuk to the port and then buy a boat ticket from there.


bus ride to airport building


Airport building


Ticket from airport to station 3( where our first resort at)


Car ride to port. Their car doesn’t have a door! (This is a car not tuktuk).


They  will tell you to stick this onto your clothes or arms so you can get picked up once you get to Boracay island. They won’t go on the boat with you but there will be different people to pick you up at the island.


Car no door


They dropped us here and then we walked to our resort. If you stay right on the beach you will have to walk as they are not supposed to drive on the beach.


Really nice place called “Villa Caemilla”. Owned by a Chinese and a Dutch girl.


View from our resort. Seriously there is no filter on there. I have travelled to many countries and beaches but this one is the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen.


Can’t wait to be a basic instagramer


Tasty mango with alcohol


I love my floating pretzel, sleep on it no problem, get suntan on ocean no problem, sleep while getting suntan while floating on sea no problem lol


After few hours staying in water, time for some barbeque for dinner


This place is the best! It is always full of people, barbeque fish, and rice.


Right on the beach


Second dinner. It was a fancy place with a chef cooking outside. We had ribs and chips but it was not as tasty as the first place.


We did go to a club, though I can’t remember the name of it (if you ask the locals they will be able to tell you). There were lots of Koreans and Chinese there, they were even playing Korean songs. It was an interesting place…

Second day


Beautiful weather with clouds


I get grumpy if I don’t eat or sleep, first meal at 3 pm, I was a grumpy bitch(sorry), all you can eat feed me well, I had two plates


Another great  place  to stay “Astoria Boracay” own by Chinese


Great design and a really nice pool






I didn’t go on any tour this time, just getting fat on the beach


Did you see my pretzel cutie?


What the beach looks like at day time. At night time, all the shisha bars and food places will set up on the beach.




Kids have good skill, take picture will charge 50p but worth it


Good ribs! I found out philippinos don’t eat much veges


Shrimp tacos


I made friend with local, see my cutie watermelon cup holder so I can have beer without holding it(such a lazy ass)


Happy hour treat-tequila sunrise




I get really fucked up if I smoke shisha while drinking, even if I only have 1 cocktail (though I guess that’s not a bad thing). I was tipsy that night.

Third day


Breakfast. Do not eat the jam here- it tastes gross.


Try to take a nice pic but sadly not as good as professional instagramer


So I decided to take another one


Boats and dog


There are lots of street dogs. They live in a paradise but have nothing to eat.


Real boracay, few mins walk from the beach


If anyone interested in rent condo for few months


Back to manila


Nice pool with a basic girl lol


Was a fun trip


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