Road trip in Taiwan Tainan-Kaohsuing-Taitung-Hualien

Taiwan- heart of Asia


I have travelled Taiwan many times, well, I live here.(my hair was like a purple bun)

Two years ago, me and my best friends decided to go on a road trip through Taiwan for a week(I left two days earlier  to go to el nido, Philippines )

So basically this article will just show you some places we went to, food we tried, and there are tons of great articles out there about travel Taiwan that you can check out too.

We started from Taichung-Tainan-Kaohsiung-Taitung-Hualien (I skipped last part to catch my flight)

If you are more than 4 or 5 people I hardly recommend rent cars in every city, especially east coast, what we did was buy train tickets from city to city, then rent car in every city, turned out that cost more, just rent car at city A return at city B, accommodations are cheap in Taiwan, Airbnb, or Agoda are very helpful


This is our wish for first day, we are 6 people(three best friends and two of their girlfriends)



Tainan Confucius Temple 

(click in to see google map)

When people talk about history in Taiwan, the first place that comes to mind is “Tainan“. The city which is in the south of the country was once the capital of the island and is often referred to as the “Capital City”



yung tayshing preserved fruits  –   google map find me 

Traditional taiwanese preserved fruits, located at a small alley, lots of food stands around, people who visits Tainan 80% for food(we are one of them).


捲尾家ice cream shop – google map find me

Not sure why is famous, i still prefer gelato, but seems these days social media matter the most, if advertising well, hire enough famous pretty girls take photos post on instagram you can make money . (we didnt buy any, instead, we went to next door for fruite icecream)



Tai Cheng fruit shopgoogle map find me

I cant say no to strawberry….cost 200ntd for one (about 7 bucks)



Ice cream balls are all made from fresh fruits, Tai Cheng originally was a fruit shop



Well, all in mandarin, so good luck with that…just kidding, i am lazy to translate to english so please click in their facebook page, or if you like the ones i had just show them that photo.



We chose the coldest period for road trip, weather was cold but good, didnt rain much.



Chimei Museum – google map find me

Biggest museum in Taiwan, we went there on Monday  museum was closed.

great place to take photos or picnic tho.



Feels like in sweden…or whereever doesnt have many people…






Another instagram models’ love, colorful drinks ( and of course i didnt get one, i rather drink down stair bubble tea)


We stayed in hostel most of nights, hostel in taiwan are not nasty at all (not like in south asia or australia, i dont like to stay in hostel but taiwan’s hostels are pretty good)



Second day arrived in KH



KH is the second big city in Taiwan, mountain- city-sea view.

There is a mountain full of monkeys – monkey mountain



Miss my purple bun…we went to a trail to see KH view – google map find me



Did i mention asian love photos and selfie? we took more selfie than food pic+ view pic.



prefect for couple selfie.


Here is a short story about a white street dog and me…


We just met, in front of a local temple.



We stared at my best friend and his girlfriend, together.



Then he walked away like nothing happened, i was like”okay fine, ciao”.

End of story.



Not sure why i looked like a soldier….with a weird shirt, lots of people think i had strange cloth style, but not anymore, coz i have given up buying clothes, i hate shopping, so now i wear clothes from years ago or from my brother’s closet(he doesnt know that lol)



Also not sure where i found these shoes either… i love pink plus its Adidas, no one believes till i show them.



萬三seafood – google map find me

Lovely place for seafood, nothing fancy but fresh, the have seafood, vegetables and meats.

100-150-200ntd a plate(3-7 bucks)



These are what we got, you dont pay them directly, they sell token money at cashier, buy food with token money, its more buffet but not all you can eat, they dont serve table either.

Next stop-Taitung and Hualien


Best friend for 10 years

Mr. Brown Avenue – google map find me



What it looks like at east coast, lots of rice field.



Dapochih Wetland – google map find me



prefect fo depress people, either they see the beautiful side of life or they feel more depress.



Cant swim there!

i found out that even though taiwan is a island but majority of citizen cant swim and not used to swim.



Like this dog, saddest street dog i have ever seen.



We sort of became friends ( JUST KIDDING, i think somehow she fell sleep)



Hualien-Mukumugigoogle map find me



Cant swim!



It is in an Aboriginal village, great spot for some nice photoshoot, but need to get a permit at police office before entry Mukumugi because people die there sometimes by acciedent, they will require name, nationalities,  phone number and ID.




Hualien Flat Dumplings – google map find me

Famous flat dumplings in Hualien, price as in picture(ntd)




see more taiwanese good introduction- here




East coast is gorgeous but also dangerous, earthquack often and typhoons every year kills people, driving is safer than ride scooter.



Happy birthday to one of my best friend. ( this trip was few years ago, we are not 21 anymore…ahah)



looking forward to next road trip in few weeks. (today is 09/02/2018)

more travel picture on instagram


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