Paris, France – Europe 2018 summer

2018 Europe trip was planning for a month but ended up staying 6 weeks.

Barcelona(birthday trip) – Paris – Belgium – Hamburg – Amsterdam – Sicily – Antwerp(Tomorrowland) – ibiza – Malaga

I traveled with my piggy but unfortunately she got stolen in ibiza with my whole bag pack .

Not my first time in Paris, my friend Cindy came with me to Barcelona and Paris, a good friend of mine lives there so I decided to go visit him.

We flew from Barcelona to Paris, took train to Paris center(was like 3.5 euro coz national holiday discount), as soon as I got of train got a warm welcome from my friend Aurelien with baguette and macaron.


We went out right away after I put my luggage, 21 June is national day of France, everywhere was party.

Paris_180823_0036.jpgAfter few hours of drinking(was freezing that night, colder than Taiwan’s winter )we got back and cook dinner around midnight.

Aurelien cooked this weird red onion with beef and white sauce pasta… but was quite good.


Next day I took piggy to walk around the center.


The bridge next to Pont Alexandre III.


This guy decided to take a shower in the fountain and washed his clothes, hang around the fountain. Really made Paris like his home.


Nice weather around the river.


Me and my favorite piggy( which is probably in trashcane somewhere in ibiza now)


Happy piggy meet La Tour Eiffel.


I literally sat at the park in front of La Tour Eiffel for more than two hours under the sun.( well I was planning to smoke but there were too many people ad kids around)


Met up with Cindy and Basia for lunch.


I could say this is the worse pizza I ever tried in whole Europe (Do not try the restaurants around Eiffel Tower , most of the tourist place sucks ahah)


Not sure because sun was too shiny or I was high… oh no I didn’t smoke yet XD


I am a shy girl.


Girls in Paris.


Aurelien with working suit drinking beers.


And here comes my perfect photo for Instagram LOL with rose in plastic cup (1 out of 10 probably )

There are some nice chill bars along The River Seine.


Me pretended to be a French .

Everyday after work hours people come here seat along the river with friends and have few drinks.


This picture made me sad because my dear laptop got stolen in ibiza as well….

Me trying to cut sausage into small slices.


Don’t mind to have another tourist pic with Musée du Louvre.


Another friend Pierre took me to Foundation Louis Vuitton( a museum with huge park, kinda like a museum, theme park for kids and zoo combine)

Dinner time, this pizza was way better than the one I had near Eiffel tower.


Pompidou museum, the cutest name I ever heard for a museum.

First bubble tea in Europe, passion fruit with green tea and bubbles, my favorite ❤


Street shoot from photographer Mr. Aurelien.

Oh this picture made me sad as well, that wallet, sun glasses and my power bank all got stolen in ibiza…


French style tea time – crêpe with Nutella , beer and rose.




Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris is located at Île de la Cité (small island).


Not sure why Aurelien looks so serious, like my body guard XD


Photo by Aurelien

Kids playing in front of Eiffel Tower .


I tried to add filter to make everything looks better and brighter ahah


Met my Japanese friend Kayo for a drink!

I took Aperol Sprits just cause I saw in on instagram so wanted to give a try (also looked good on my instagram story ahah, can’t believe now these day most of people rely on social media a lot, use it every single free moment)


Eggplant red sauce pasta – Best pasta I ever had in Paris, was in a small alley, can see Eiffel tour from there, not a fancy restaurant at all, but they have amazing food.


This is how we chill in Paris, please ignore dirty river, I couldn’t believe still have fishes inside.


Few days in Paris, didn’t go any party or get drunk, but try lots of food, went to see different area in Paris, thanks to Aurelien !





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