Barcelona, Spain – Europe 2018 summer birthday trip

2018 Europe trip was planning for a month but ended up staying 6 weeks.

Barcelona(birthday trip) – Paris – Belgium – Hamburg – Amsterdam – Sicily – Antwerp(Tomorrowland) – ibiza – Malaga

I traveled with my piggy but unfortunately she got stolen in ibiza with my whole bag pack .

This summer trip I went to Barcelona twice cause first time was for my birthday and second time was a stupid reason, didn’t visit much stuff, probably two or three places, but I got tipsy quite often thats true…I spent my time on great things and good places such as beach clubs… 😀


This is piggy’s very first plane pic.


piggy in Beijing airport.


piggy’s first plane ride. (she was a great pillow)


And we got to Barcelona!



Bus ride from airport to Barcelona center, about 40 mins ride to placa de Catalunya(bus departs every 5-10 mins to airport from there).


OMG I missed melon ice tea soooo much, that was the first drink I got before any alcohol.


And here we go, great airbnb, spain is definitely my second favorite place in Europe so far.


Southern Europe usually has a mix pigeon shit and great food)such as pasta, pizza, bread ) smell…its complicated.


Placa de Catalunya.


First day plan was eat and shopping. Hell Ya!


How much I missed these small street lunch bars with cute Europeans..jk.


Pasta  and coke cola for me, cooked weird salad for Cindy.


Me trying to take a nice pic as a tourist but looks super awkward.



Cindy took this pic of sitting at the balcony of airbnb. (I might need some salt in hand)


This girl came all the way to Barcelona with me for my birthday, and I got super drunk so she had to visit some tourist places by herself while I was half drunk and half hangover in bed around 4pm in the afternoon.


piggy in barceloneta!


The water was still cold when we got there, but I did swim for 5 mins.



special kebab..? anyway, it was good.


I did my first photoshoot in Barcelona, people pmed me asked if my ass was photoshop, no, just photographer has to be professional and catch the right angle.


Casa battle – Well, I regret I didn’t go inside.


A church a dunno the name, saw it on our way through shopping center.


A great way to enjoy travel just simply sit somewhere and listen to local performers and people watching.


Our first super market shipping, I love supermarket!


I never liked beer before this trip, but now one beer a day keeps doctor away.


Piggy chilling on the beach.


My first Spanish paella at marina bay at barceloneta.



Met some great friends, went to salsa latin bars, one of my favorite place in Barcelona.

The night before we went to Opium,full of tourist, drinks were expensive compare to some other places in Europe, 15-20 euro per cocktail, somehow I drank three vodka red bull and ended up in a table and got super wasted, had black out from 2:30 am till next day 11am…I do remember I throw up a few times, that was an epic birthday.


Sorry piggy I spent most my time on party and drinking, so here comes THE PIGGY WITH BARCELONA pic from post card stand, pretend we have visited all places.


Second time back in Barcelona, was during final world cup, went to a random bar in barceloneta, it happened to be a French bar, full of French, big screen was in French, everyone except me and my kiwi friend from New Zealand went crazy.

For a sudden I thought I was in France again. Qui qui!


Paella time! I have to say, the best paella I have tried was in ibiza.


Drinking is a great way to enjoy live, as long as remain always tipsy.


Great place in The market Sant Josep de la boqueria on La Rambla.


Look at these veggies ❤


I am in love with food in Barcelona.


I went to a few good tapas places, but no time for pictures, only have time for filling up my stomach haha.


See you next summer Barcelona!





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